Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cut-throat Birding

This may be the shortest worst post featured on Butler's Birds in years, one to test true loyalty and/or boredom. That is the disclaimer. This Sunday I made the 3-hour haul out to the charming Cluff Ranch riparian area in Graham County, the recent exposé of a male Rose-throated Becard. I have done very little birding in Graham county and even though time was limited this was a great spot, with almost 60 species record in 3 hours, many of whom were very vocal.

The Becard had been seen regularly near an old cattle gate along a portion of the pedestrian trail around 8:30am. The hope was to find the bird earlier, as departing Cluff Ranch at 8:30 would allow 3 hours for arrival for an 11:30 appointment. 
I started the trail around 7:00am and by luck or judgment, the Becard was foraging high in some cottonwoods and giving occasional single-notes on the far side of the pond, a little ways away from its usual haunt. 

Alas I only got the one blurry photo for diagnostics and did not relocate the bird before 8:30; in fact I do not know if it was re-found on the day, so by luck or judgment the quick sighting proved sufficient and satisfying. Back pats and hand slaps all 'round.