Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pretty Birds, Opposite Attitudes

The Verdin is a southwestern specialty and is a wonderful creature by all accounts. They make great nests, they're colorful, they're playful, and they're easy to find. They're first identified by their yellow heads, but their constant chirping and acrobatic feeding makes them stand out as recognizable songsters that can be found throughout the year.

"Hey guys...yeah I'm just hanging out." 

If they're lucky, Verdin will grow to be four and a half inches. Despite their small stature, their wily antics guarantee they'll be one of the first birds you see while perusing the desert scrub.

Always cheerful, always on the move, they're the Warblers of the southwest. At least, the southwest makes do with them until the Warblers arrive.

The Verdin is a little bird with a brilliant yellow head and an outgoing attitude to match. The Lazuli Bunting is another small bird with a beautifully colored head. They can be found in Arizona during the spring, but in my experiences they are far from outgoing. Their bold plumage makes them easy to pick out, but getting them to pose for a picture is another story.

The tall grass makes for a pleasant setting, but only if you can see the bird in it! The Lazuli Bunting doesn't have the people skills of the Verdin, but their shyness makes them all the more exciting and satisfying to find.

Lazuli Buntings and Verdins are two birds at different ends of the social spectrum, even the color spectrum. Both are totally stunning in their element, even if the Buntings really make you feel unappreciated...