Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Weekday Snapshots

For those modern anomalies, the non-retired birder,s it may often feel like we're just trying to survive from weekend to weekend, parallel to living paycheck to paycheck. Truly, is there anything more precious than time spent doing what one loves? I doubt it.
But in that mean time (in all senses of the word 'mean'), we do what we can to get by. Here are a couple odds and ends:

If you're feeling bold, brash, and hungry for wild honey...I know a place. 

An observation first, hummingbird feeding from a wild perch. They feed stationary at feeders of course, but I admire the ingenuity here. A very convenient ocotillo.

Most flycatchers are not sexually dimorphic. Most flycatchers are not as cool as Phainopeplas. Most Phainopeplas aren't as confiding as this female. Even she is bashful to the camera.

Burrowing Owls sure are leggy sons of the earth. Apparently they pursue prey on foot, like top-heavy Roadrunners, when not ambushing from the wing. I have never seen this, but would like to.