Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coming Soon To A Bathtub Near You!

Hopefully not, but it would be pretty fun. This Mallard family was quacking it up in the canal near work. Oddly enough, today was picture day at school, and in keeping with that preliminary I decided to stop and photograph these cheerful ducks. They're actually better at lining up and following quacked directions than my class...

I imagine the bird blogosphere will soon be overloaded with duckling photos once spring gets into full force. With this preemptive post I can now pretend to be a trendsetter. These fuzz balls are so darn adorable, especially when trying to swim around each other, which is something at which they're very bad. I only wish the traffic jams awaiting me on the road were this enjoyable.

With Easter weekend also approaching, it seems extra appropriate to have some ducklings on display.

Mama Duck certainly was proud. She showered them with praise, as well as canal water.

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Hello Dear Readers,

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