Saturday, January 5, 2019

Coming 'Round Again: The Birding Boomerang

Hello again, internet world. We have been apart for some time. During this separation you have grown larger and more powerful, have gained yet more speed and information, have dug your kraken tendrils yet deeper into the world. I have grown larger too, especially over these Holidays. 
I have also made resolutions. So prepare internet, internet readers and friends, poor internet saps who end up here when you're looking for naughty pictures and get misdirected by the crappy word-play links on this website (err hem -- I can see the google searches that brought you here), for you are about to grow with bird-blogging again!

The trail last went cold in August, after a family trip to the beach and an ensuing tsunami of work. You look for the tide going out, but sometimes it catches you coming in. And you just stand there with a blank look on your face.

Naturally, one should take advantage of the low tide, and see everything one can, like skittish Seaside Sparrows.

But it is even more important that one still find good stuff when the tide comes in. That's what happy people tend to do. That's what Herring Gulls do. And look at how happy and successful they are. 

Even with a summer molt going on

Even if there is adversity

2019 will probably bring the fewest opportunities and the least flexibility for birding trips, but nonetheless I hope to make much more of what is around, to share it with other birders, bloggers, and with friends and family.

At least, that's the plan until June, when these guys will be swinging by the Castille Butler again.

There's more coming soon. And if you haven't gotten caught up in the latest and best birding craze out there, you better bet up to speed and out with your bins!