Friday, April 11, 2014

Records Fall: Work Patch Birding

It's breaking past the 90s in early/mid April, so that's gross, but I've passed another milestone (figuratively speaking)...30 species for my near-work patch, oh yeah! 
See, I'm trying to sound all ironically jazzed by over-celebrating a minuscule accomplishment, but the truth of the matter is that I do actually fell pretty pleased with that. It's not like jumping up and down because of a lifer Rustic Bunting pleased, but like, "yeah, I'll stop for a celebratory beer on the way home" kinda pleased. 
Like this mid-launch jailbird Black Phoebe, I have broken free of the shackles that held my patch list to less than 30 species. 

Having only 50 minutes or so after work, it was a productive bit of birding this past Tuesday that resulted in several new species for the little site. Northern Rough-winged Swallow (expected), Black-chinned Hummingbird (expected) and White-winged Dove (expectedly early) combined with a single Cassin's Vireo in the few ornamental pines (unexpected) for a tidy little haul, like the tidy little haul of gnats this Black Phoebe routinely snatches up from its various perches.

I'm still waiting and hoping for Kingbirds and Lesser Nighthawks along the canal portion of the patch. Usually I don't stay late enough for there to be much nighthawk activity, but in a few weeks they'll be so active along the canal during twilight that I'm hoping to find some perched/roosting birds in the daylight. Then I can see and enjoy them in greater detail, detail like that which shows up in this Black Phoebe's feathers when it finally turns towards the light.