Sunday, September 13, 2015

What's that Scraping Sound?

Ahh yes, it is the sound coming from the bottom of the barrel, resultant of my concurrent actions upon it. This sound can also be heard when one is accessing the 'old sock drawer' and various other derelict depositories or euphemisms indicative of a paucity of thematic material. 
You see, I didn't come up with much good stuff from this weekend's birding. I was hoping for some up-close shore-birding in Gilbert, but the conditions for shorebirds were very poor and it's still too early for much waterfowl presence, so the overall birding numbers and photo-ops were disappointing. Anyway, here's a very light and slightly ruddy Collared-Dove, African sp. escapee or descendant maybe?

The best place for shore-birding in central Arizona is probably the Glendale Recharge ponds, but seldom do I come away from that unpleasant basin with decent photos. The Riparian Preserve in Gilbert does not have as much shorebird habitat, but whatever is there will be very accessible, and last year there were some nice Pectoral Sandpipers and Dunlin. Alas, there has been very little water in the Gilbert basins for a while. Most were completely dry and overgrown with grass; the other few had only the expected waders and peeps.

Woe and pity to the soul who finds an American Coot to be the most interesting species in an area. Teenage humans are some of the worst things ever, but teenage Coots are decent company, lacking in the sophomoric snark and painfully forced facial hair one finds in  transitional hominids.

In other news, I recently got a new flash attachment for the camera, seeing as I'm spending more time (or will be, hopefully) chasing birds at night or in very shady places. I readily admit to being novice with the use of such equipment, but it does make stationary Hummingbirds that are 4 feet away look mighty emeraldy. Any guesses on the species?

Costa's is correct, although it's a pretty weird stage right? Maybe even with some Anna's mixed in?

In my experiences Say's Phoebes really do not mind being crushed; they are just super chill birds. There is mutual appreciation; it is a nice bird. They should be crushed.

One always wonders, why doesn't one ever hear about psychics winning the lottery? Apparently psychic powers do not extend their ethereal tendrils into the realm of money, banking, and finance. They didn't see this one coming either. Best of luck, Jean.