Monday, April 8, 2013

Cowbird Mondays

Oh you didn't hear about it? You didn't get the memo? Yeah, it's definitely a thing.
Slender, small, and without a pleasing call, these birds are very few people's favorites. They are also brood parasites, so they lay their eggs in other birds nests and thus largely pass on the parenting responsibilities, even at the expense of the other bird's eggs. There is supposedly documentation of Cowbirds conning Hummingbird and Raptors nests.
If ever this bird were to get it's own exclusive bird post, it would have to be on a Monday, coupled with all the other un-favorite things.

Despite their commonness around large, manicured grassy areas, the Brown-headed Cowbird is not a bird I photograph often or even very well. Yesterday I was able to snag a few shots of these unwelcome birds hanging out in one of my parents' trees. The photo below was taken by my younger brother too, who aided in the stake-out.

There's not a lot to say in their favor, though of course being birds they have a certain amount of coolness and impressiveness built into them. At least that bill would give a Grosbeak a run for its money. Somebody has to be the unpopular one I guess. The Cowbirds play the part of jerks so others don't have. Or maybe they just like it.