Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cut-throat Birding

This may be the shortest worst post featured on Butler's Birds in years, one to test true loyalty and/or boredom. That is the disclaimer. This Sunday I made the 3-hour haul out to the charming Cluff Ranch riparian area in Graham County, the recent exposé of a male Rose-throated Becard. I have done very little birding in Graham county and even though time was limited this was a great spot, with almost 60 species record in 3 hours, many of whom were very vocal.

The Becard had been seen regularly near an old cattle gate along a portion of the pedestrian trail around 8:30am. The hope was to find the bird earlier, as departing Cluff Ranch at 8:30 would allow 3 hours for arrival for an 11:30 appointment. 
I started the trail around 7:00am and by luck or judgment, the Becard was foraging high in some cottonwoods and giving occasional single-notes on the far side of the pond, a little ways away from its usual haunt. 

Alas I only got the one blurry photo for diagnostics and did not relocate the bird before 8:30; in fact I do not know if it was re-found on the day, so by luck or judgment the quick sighting proved sufficient and satisfying. Back pats and hand slaps all 'round.


  1. Looks like a great place to bird. MAYBE one of these days I will get down there to look for it. With visitors, final exams and about a billion other things, I won't be long distant chasing anytime soon:) Congrats!!!!

  2. Nice job on getting the becard, Mr. Laurence! Sounds like it can be tough! Any tips as I might be going out there very soon?

    1. Hey Caleb,

      I haven't seen on the listserv if the bird has been refound at this little cattle guard trail area (following the trail left from the parking area about 100 yards, so I would recommend heading right around the pond to the backside, approximately 10'oclock from the parking area, and looking back there where the bird was being active earlier in the morning.

      Best of luck!

  3. Boa tarde, antes de dedicar-me a fotos de variados temas, fazia unicamente fotos de aves, sei da dificuldade para as captar, para conseguir os objectivo tinha que passar a noite e dia camuflado e esperar pela oportunidade que nem sempre acontecia, considero que 3 hora para captar aves é pouco, de qualquer modo conseguiu excelentes fotos.