Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green-Tailed Towhee

The Green-Tailed is the smallest and slenderest of the Towhees, but it is also the most colorful. With an olive to yellow coloration on their wings and tails, a rufus cap, and a white throat complimenting the gray and white breast, they may also be one of the more colorful birds one will see flitting about on the ground. This purdy bird was at the Rio Salado Audobon Preserve in Central Phoenix.
I have also seen them in increasing numbers at the Desert Botanical Gardens (pictured at the bottom) as they concentrate their populations farther south for the winter.
Here he stands, lord of his domain
Something alerted him, and he jumped to the nearest vantage point with his rufus crest engaged.
This is my favorite picture. He looks so distressed, even sad, but the white throat, belly, and peachy sides are also clearly visible. these birds have a lot of color going on, and aren't afraid to show it.

 Note here the white lores, throat, and
Unfortunately I couldn't fit the bird in the frame here, but it still shows how intricately colored these birds are.


  1. I'm thinking I might like to decorate my next house according to the colors of the green-tailed towhee. Come to think of it, my present house already IS so decorated.

  2. And a lovely house it is! I'd avoid any decorations based on the Abert's Towhee though.