Bird Blogging: Beyond Trip Reports

Inevitably and invariably, most bird blogging, and thus most bird blogs, consist of reports on birding trips. What we saw when and where, with a few photos in the, some commentary, and maybe a pithy remark is the mainstay of many the bird blog, this one included.

There's another, more difficult side to bird blogging, and that revolves around posts of a more creative nature, posts that discuss bird IDs, discuss birds in pop culture, ornithological histories, and even birders themselves. It's challenging to come up with such material consistently, and even more so to accompany it with the eye candy one expects on a bird blog. Nevertheless, a few such posts float through Butler's Birds every once in a while. For those who are tired, or seeking more in addition to the regular trip reports, here are some links to posts floating a little farther out of the usual orbit.

Nothing Absurder than a Birder: Examining the Culture and Idiosyncrasies of Birding

A Game of Thrones: The Social Hierarchy of Birding
Alpha Bravo Charlie Brown: Banding Codes Fulfilled
Veni, Vidi, Twitchy: How a Twitcher Survives the Day
An Elegant Nemesis: Seizing Fate, one tough Bird at a Time
Bro do you even pish? A New Target Acolyte
Wordplay? More like Bird play: When Bird Jokes get Carried away 
Making the Wrong Impression: A Rant on Watermarks

Bird ID and Comparison Posts

A Salute to Sparrows: Emberizid ID and evaluation in AZ
To Catch a Flycatcher: Empid flycatcher ID in AZ

Birding Products & Book Reviews

To be Killed by a Mockingbird: A Nice Guide to Nasty Birds
The Thing with Feathers: A Full Review of a Full Book on Birds and Humans.

Bird Behavior/ID Mishaps

Donnie, You're out of your Element: A Yellow-legged Rail
Thanatosis Everywhere: A Roadrunner of many Tricks

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