Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inca Dove

With a relatively small range (for a dove) that does not much exceed the Southern parts of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, the Inca Dove has much less of an empire than its now-extinct namesake. However, they did outlast the Incas, and they have no dearth of competition from larger doves or grackles either. Their feathers have a scaled look to them that encompasses their entire body, unlike other semi-scaled birds such as the California Quail, and their soft call combined with mild manners makes them a pleasant addition to the typical batch of Southwestern birds one might see making a ruckus about the feeders.

I like their eyes. Unlike other, larger doves who seem to always have a blank stare, the Inca Dove eyes seem to have a slight glimmer of kindness and gentleness behind them. These are grandma birds if there is such a thing.

For a size comparison, here is an 8 inch Inca Dove in front of a 10 inch Mourning Dove

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