Monday, August 22, 2011

Hermit Thrush

Hermit is a good name for this skulking Thrush. Hermit Thrushes have a very pleasant, somewhat melancholy song and prefer to feed in the leaf litter underneath thick shady trees. They're soft, spotted, and polite, yet also fairly inquisitive within their small domains. I don't see them that often in Arizona, and their preference for shade can make them tricky to photograph. Rather oddly, the best opportunity I've had thus far came at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

This first shot summarizes the bird well--close to the light but never fully illuminated.

Like finches and sparrow, Thrushes have something very appealing in their simple colors, but unique and intricate plumage.

Here is the diagnostic rufous tail, the surest way to tell the Hermit Thrush apart from other, similar looking Thrushes.

They're compact and have good posture. It's a small little niche they inhabit, but it's always a pleasure to enter into the Thrush's world.

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