Saturday, September 3, 2011

Curve-Billed Thrasher

Thrashers get their name from the jerky, side-to-side head movement with which they turn over loose top soil and dig for seeds, bugs, etc. when feeding. The Curve-Billed is the most common, and most generic Thrasher. While its modestly curved bill and mottled breast don't easily differentiate it from other Thrashers, its noticeably orange eyes are unique among the Thrasher family. 

This messy bird was sitting atop a covered yucca plant, looking rather grumpy. The blurry eye here is actually the result of catching the bird mid-blink (totally by chance).

Here the nictitating membrane is half-way over the eye.

Despite their tough, mean-lookign exterior, Thrasher also produce some ridiculously cute and cuddly chicks.

This Thrasher was intent with his burrowing. I'm not sure what he was pursuing, but he made quick work of the topsoil.

This Thrasher has clearly been helping himself to some prickly pear fruit, or else it just mauled another bird.

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