Sunday, September 4, 2011


Also known as a Quarion or a Weiro, this is the smallest of the Australian cockatoos, but is the second most popular avian household pet behind the Budgerigar. As such, they have a large domestic presence in America, and while the populations of escaped Cockatiels have not found the level of success seen in local Lovebird populations, they're nonetheless an increasingly common sight around parks and ponds in the city.
This particular Cockatiel seemed to be imitating the Gila Woodpeckers common around Encanto Park, but he didn't do a very good job. I observed him then take to the ground by a group of mallards, only to discover he could not swim. It is likely he'll soon amalgamate with the local Lovebird population in the area as I have seen other escaped parrots and Budgerigars do, and they'll add a little color to the urban birding scene.
A poor substitute for a woodpecker

I like their heavy-set beaks. With their crags and density, they look as if they're made out of stone.

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