Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Work Patch Birding: Day 139

Birder's Log: The quest to add waterfowl species and Belted Kingfisher failed today. There was no sign of such birds, not even a freaking manky Mallard. Grackles and Starling in abundance mocked me, as did the pigeons. Passerines and Piccaniformes were also lacking, with only a single Verdin and no woodpeckers recorded. Has God abandoned me to this place? Has my country? Why am I here? Would anyone really care if I was just swallowed up, without ever hitting 30 species for this dinky little patch? Got to hold it together. I hear the fluttering of the wings of the angel of death about my ears. This may also explain the absence of other birds in the pines.  

Birder's Log: Turns out the angle of death was a Great Horned Owl, which may explain the absence of other birds. New species recorded for the SRP AZ Falls site. This brings my list of species seen while wearing a tie up to 33, which is now well ahead of my number of species seen while micturating, though that second list has some better birds on it.


  1. Hoot!! Always a good bird anytime or anywhere!

  2. Any owl makes for a great day. Nice shot!

    1. Some more than others Mr. Minnesota, but hey I'll take it, especially at this bird-depauperated place.

  3. That looks like a pretty good patch bird! Just wait Mr. Laurence, soon you will hit 40 then 60 then 80 and then on and on!