Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quiz Time!

Last time I tried one of these nobody responded...but here for the brave or bored (or both) are a few ambiguous birds to try and identify. Feel free to post any responses in the comments below : )

1) Taken at Stroud Preserve, southeast Pennsylvania, in June:

Hint: fitz bew!

2) Taken at Ridley Creek State Park, southeast Pennsylvania, in June: 

 Hint: Seeing Red

 3) Taken at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona. Can you spot the two mistakes on this sign?

4) Taken at Kehl Springs, north central Arizona, in June.

 Hint: "Don't rush if it's a Thrush"


  1. Ok, I'll bite...

    Is the first flycatcher a Willow?

    Second bird... A ruby-crowned Kinglet?

    On the sign... It is Abert's Towhee not Albert's. A White-throated Sparrow image is used along side of the text that says White-crowned Sparrow. Tsk, tsk.

    Last photo... A hermit Thrush?

    Just let me know how much egg I will have to wash off of my face for being wrong...

  2. Abert's Towhee:) That's a funny sign:) And that's about all I can answer.....for now:)

  3. I stink at flycatcher's but thought the sign a hoot.

  4. Willow, Red-eyed Vireo?, Abert's/White-throated, and I am bad with thrushes... That sign is hilarious... Can't believe the fine birding folks of AZ have allowed it to exist!