Saturday, October 22, 2011

Red-Shafted Flicker

The Red-Shafted Flicker is the prominent western species of Northern Flicker. As with the Gilded and Yellow-Shafted, it can be hard to actually see the colored feathers on this bird's wings and tail until it is flying away from you. I was able to get a few pictures where you can see the red-colored rachis of the feathers, which is a helpful back-up to knowing your species of Flicker.

When you see the black and white speckling and the red lines coming around the tree, you know who to expect!

This female's red feathers were catching the early morning sun pretty well, and she was catching the early morning bugs even better.

I'd never seen a Flicker's tongue before. Their beaks are already long and formidable, but that tongue shoots out with speed and precision. No insect is safe.

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