Saturday, October 8, 2011

Costa's Hummingbird

A pretty petite hummingbird with lovely purple coloration, the Costa's is another arid desert specialist, although they tend to move a bit more north during the summer.
I have not seen them very often nor observed their behavior, though I imagine they're prone to the same competitiveness and bad temperament as many other hummingbirds.
The day after I was first able to photograph a Costa's, I saw another hanging out by my herb garden, where I'd never seen one before. Perhaps this is a bit of synchronicity.
Like the juvenile photographed yesterday (picture below), this Costa's did not have his mature plumage yet, but he was farther along.


  1. Nice post! Looking forward to following you blog.

  2. Hey thanks Robert! I appreciate the feedback.
    It's always nice to hear from and about other birders, especially when they have a lot to share with you and teach you.
    I've found myself stopping by Birding is Fun everyday now. It's really great all the different stuff you pull together at the website. As I said earlier, I'm grateful for all of the work you put into it. It IS fun!