Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Bird Quiz

I enjoy bird identification quizzes, or rather I enjoy the idea of them. Since I usually do pretty poorly, I guess I also find them frustrating at times. I'm wading into unknown waters here, so let me know how it goes and what you determine these mystery species to be. A lot of these pictures have occurred elsewhere on the blog; no cheating! I always felt it's a little unfair to use super blurry photos on a bird quiz, so I tried to avoid that. It may thus be too easy, let me know!
Taken in Napa, CA

Taken on Camelback Mtn. AZ

Taken on Camelback Mtn. AZ

Taken in Gilbert, AZ, at a riparian area.

Taken at the Desert Botanical Gardens, AZ

Yeah I don't think any hints are needed here.

Taken in Phoenix, AZ, which is not its normal range.

It's not a Condor

It's not a Vireo


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  1. Dear you,

    You out there who maybe looked at this quiz but never submitted answers for one reason or another. I would probably have done the same thing. For general satisfaction, here are the identifications:

    1) California Towhee
    2) Black-Throated Sparrow
    3) Red-Tailed Hawk
    4) Warbling Vireo
    5) Sage Thrasher
    6) Great Horned Owl
    7) Rufous-Crowned Sparrow
    8) Vermillion Flycatcher (juvenile)
    9) Common Yellowthroat
    10) Stellar's Jay