Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Brief Hiatus

Hello Friends,

I won't be able to do much birding this week due to an increasingly busy schedule. However, I hope to make an excursion (or even 2!) this weekend, and will hopefully have some new and fun material to post. I think the weather may be temperate enough to venture an excursion at the Gilbert Water Ranch, and perhaps another visit to the DBG is in order. There is also a nearby, developing Audubon Center in Central Phoenix I'll have to check out one of these days. I have been learning/reading more and more about photography in this off-time, and am eagerly awaiting to return to the field. I must say though, ignorance can sometimes be bliss. Now that I know more, I don't feel satisfied with nearly any of my pictures. The decent ones aren't great, the bad ones are inexcusable, and the great ones could've been better.

See ya this weekend!


  1. Say, Laurence. Papa J found out this week that the reason we can't let Baloo run free at Strode's Preserve is because it is home to some rare ground-nesting birds. So now we are eager to have you come visit and help us identify them.

  2. Not Strode's, Stroud's. Sorry.