Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black-Throated Gray Warbler

This is my first good (yes I'll say it!) batch of Warbler photos, and I am very glad this fine looking Black-Throated Gray Warbler agreed to be my subject. The gray back, white wingbars, black speckling on the white breast, and of course the streaked hood with yellow lores (the bird's sinus area) all set this bird apart from the many other species of warbler. Successfully getting some good warbler shots is really encouraging for the fledgling photographer. I saw this warbler first at the Desert Botanical Gardens last weekend, but was unable to get a decent picture. I was again taunted by the Wilson's Warbler as well a couple MacGillivray's Warblers at the Gilbert Water Ranch, but this charitable bird took pity and waited for me in the sunny tree next to the restrooms. She currently holds the esteemed title of "Best Warbler Yet".
The absence of an actual black throat means this is a female. I have no complaints at all.

She's a handsome gal. Note the yellow patches on the lores.

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